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Leadership & marketing testimonial
Lana Sleiman

My first working experience, fresh out of college, was with Mr. Talha and all I can remember was the overwhelming feeling of anxiousness that would slowly dissipate every morning after our quick talk over a very quick cup of coffee in our office pantry. My almost definitely menial problems from his perspective were always taken seriously - and I was listened to. My voice was heard and I’m sad to admit that it was the first and last time in my professional years that I felt like being vocal mattered. 

As an intern, not all my managers really believed in me; or were most likely at odds with risking their client relations by pushing me into one of their grander projects. At first, I took it to heart and felt like my work was almost deemed unsatisfactory, maybe even unworthy of managerial approval. 

It bothered me but I never spoke up.  

A month into my internship, I was asked by Mr. Talha to work along his side on a project, a pitch to be exact, for a potential client. I worked and I was sure I worked hard to deliver exactly what was required of me under Mr. Talha’s guidance of course; after all, I was only an intern looking to be hired with a full-time contract. I was then shocked to hear the sentence I have been longing to hear as a means of validation, “You should be with me to present this strategy to hopefully, our future client”. Although not a milestone, this one phrase was a breakthrough in my career – that sentence meant my work was appreciated and was delivered exactly how he wanted. I decided then and there to pursue a career in marketing and strategy specifically because of Mr. Talha’s ability to sell a story and convince every listener using reasoning, insight, exceedingly meticulous research, and confidence. He spoke and spoke, and I was in awe – how can a client ever sit through any other meeting after listening to someone speak so passionately about their own services? Mr. Talha had developed a strategy back then and used the human psyche as a basis of his research, he had explained the power of marketing by tapping into human emotion. Till this day, I mention all I have learnt from Mr. Talha’s strategies and his way of thinking whenever I am expected to create my own, and to no one’s surprise – everyone is left impressed.

Mr. Talha knew I had great copywriting skills and praised these skills until I was fully nurtured. But he also believed that was not the one thing I was capable of – he saw that I had a world of talent at my fingertips and all I needed was the little push and dose of confidence that I have been missing. I am now, a much more confident version of my 18-year-old self with great copywriting skills and an even better strategy creation ability.

Leadership and expertise testimonial by Aya
Aya Al Sheikh Khader

Working with Muhammad Talha was a great pleasure as I got the chance to learn a lot from him on both a personal and a professional level.

Talha has always had a special way of communicating information and selling ideas that actually serve the client’s needs. He is always keen on offering marketing strategies that are tailored and customized for every client by analyzing the client’s environment (current and past) as well as that of its’ competitors. This helps create a better understanding on where the client stands and what needs to be done to reach the given objectives.

He is always on the look for new studies that help better understand the human behavior in order to offer ideas that are in line with the human psychology and hence have a better chance of succeeding. Not only is he very talented in what he does, he is also very professional and is always there to support his team and hear from them.

He is an honest and rational person who will never promise doing something that he can’t or won’t do. Talha is always happy to share his knowledge with people around him and will always be a source of inspiration for myself and many others.

Julia Hüttemeister

I had the pleasure to be part of a training with Muhammad and I need to say that he is an exceptional teacher! 

Extremely knowledgeable about all social media related topics and always keen to help and share his personal & professional experience. 

I can highly recommend his courses and classes and would always attend his events again. It is extremely rare to find great instructors who are knowledgeable as Muhammad and exceed my all my expectations.

Prima Rose Anto

I had the pleasure of attending a session by Mr. Talha in February 2020 as part of a digital marketing bootcamp by Astrolabs. He coached us on social media marketing and its related aspects like community management, content creation, social media analytics,..etc. At the time of attending the session, I was in charge of marketing for a leading IT firm in the UAE and the key takeaways from this session definitely gave me an edge in my future campaigns. 

When I look back upon the experience, what really stood out to me was the post session catch-up conversation that I had with Mr. Talha, during which, his passion and expertise in the field was clearly evident. In my opinion, Mr. Talha is someone who has mastered the art and science of social media marketing and his content always speaks volumes! 

Mohtab Arabiat

Mohammed Imtiaz is a great storyteller. He is capable of triggering the curiosity of his audience and getting them to think about marketing challenges on a deeper level. He brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience and does not mind sharing it all with his students.

Muhammad Mumtaz

Last year, I had marketing strategy session with Mr. Talha. It was so good and I learned so many things about how to make marketing campaign, what things you should keep in mind while creating it and the best thing is how to purify your ideas. I always thought that its a very difficult thing to create a marketing campaign and set a proper goal but Mr. Talha cleared so many things and now it looks not that difficult.


So, if you dont know or having difficulties regarding marketing strategy, campaign or how to purify your marketing idea. Then I will highly recommend you to have a session with Mr. Talha!

Adel Saeed Al Jabri

Part of my key responsibilities is to work with partners and stakeholders in creating complex joint marketing plans. Before meeting Talha, this was something that sometimes made me feel somewhat inferior in the discussions. However after taking an intensive course in digital marketing, Talha really helped me understand the intricacies of advanced digital marketing tools, the effectiveness of good key messaging and CTA, evaluating ROI and overall judging the value of a great campaign over a bad one. I am now much more confident in my perspective and knowledge when working on or challenging the same marketing plans that once made me feel so unsure of myself at the negotiating table.

Mahmoud Hisham

My name is Mahmoud Hisham, I am one of the lucky ones that got the chance to attend Al Ain University training course that was conducted by Mr. Talha.

The training was superb and I genuinely enjoyed every moment of it. The material was very interesting and the discussions were truly inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the visual illustrations, which made the content easily understandable.

Working together on our previous campaign gave you great understanding of our capabilities which took this experience to a completely new level. You have done a wonderful job and I honestly appreciate your efforts. I will surely recommend this training to all my colleagues and friends. I, myself, would love to attend future training organized or featured by you.